Monday, November 6, 2006

1928 BMW R63

A few years ago, after I sold a Brough SS100 basket case, I had enough cash to buy a '28 BMW R63, which is a 750cc ohv machine, very rare, top of the line, and a beautiful bike. I've never been so disappointed! It was awful, sounded like a cement mixer, handled like a cart, had terrible brakes which dragged and howled while riding, and a gearbox which whined like a dog with attachment issues. I don't know if it was representative of ALL BMW's of the 1920's, but after asking around for opinions, I found that although it might have been mechanically suspect, they're all pretty crude pieces of kit until you get to the R5 in 1936. It became clear to me first-hand why British machines were dominant in racing in the 20's, as my Sunbeam or Norton or Velo would run rings around this tractor. When I look at the pictures, though, I wish I still had it, and could re-engineer some finesse into the thing. Anyone got an opinion on old BMW's?