Sunday, May 6, 2007


The first two wheelers we saw at the Ritz; a pair of MTT Jet bikes! Numbers 17 and 18 produced thus far, apparently there are that many people willing to pay $150k for a new motorcycle which melts car bumpers in traffic. Below is a video of the bike firing up in the forecourt of the Ritz, and filling the whole area with smoke!

Second pic; sartorial accessory theme of the day for the judges was Rolex Daytona, in varying shades of gold, stainless, and platinum. The watch du juor of motorcyclists who have 'made it' apparently. Belly optional (apparently a preferred option, as it was popular).
Third pic is Oriol Puig Bulto, founder of Bultaco, former Spanish national roadrace champion, now an executive with the FIM, and lovely fellow all around. The epitome of european graciousness, very kind and approachable - several of 'his' motorcycles were on display, one took a first in its class (a PurSang). While most of thlee judges wore navy blazers (as requested) on Saturday, he wore a blue quilted Hermes riding jacket, which made my blue metallic patent leather Gucci loafers look gauche. I'll always be nouveau, never riche.

Fourth pic is Pete Gagan, president of the AMCA, and his wife Mary Jane on the right (neglected to get the other woman's name - bad journalism). Pete walked with a cane, he's having an ankle replacement surgery next month, a procedure not available in the US. Oh, Canada, indeed. Pete brought several impeccable machines, including a replica of Oliver Godfrey's 1911 TT winning Indian, pic 5. Clean and correct enough to win a prize, but as he'd essentially made the bike around an original type engine, it wasn't eligible. Our dictum from Ed Gilbertson, Chief Judge (and head honcho at the Pebble Beach Concours), was 'no ringers will be given prizes'.

Next pic shows Jared Zaugg, organizer of the Legends (with his wife Brooke Roner), Pete and Kim Young (former pres of the Velocete O/C), and Anney Rageys, owner of the amazing '38 Velo KTT mkVII, which the family brought from France and fired up for the first time on Friday. A compelling story, they had been trying to buy back the bike from a collector for 20 years, and only managed to purchase it two months ago.
Next group is Mark and Christine Upham, owners of British Only Austria (see link), here from their village near Salzburg. Mark is English, Christine is Austrian, great couple, Mark is very entertaining. Also pic'd; Mike Fitzsimon's wife with Johnathan White, my judging partner and vintage roadracer. He worked 35 years with DomiRacer, now is on his own selling vintage Italian m/c parts, and has the driest sense of humor I've ever encountered.
Next pair is Kim Young with Aude Rageys, who rides her grandfather's Mk VII KTT, and races other vintage machinery in France. I carried her grandfather's TT Replica trophy during the Judge's Reception, and didn't want to let it go! They're perfect carrying size, and no I didn't take a pic (doh!). I knew I was in trouble when I saw Aude striding around the Legends grounds in her riding gear on Sat, but when she fired up the mk VII and rode it around (on an open megaphone, sounded fantastic), I was sunk. On leaving Sunday, she said to please come attend the vintage meeting at Spa-Francorchamp with her, and handed me her card; she's the Marquise de something, but curiously her card went missing... Darcy honey, where's the Duchess's card?

Next pic is Anne from Smith and Hawken, one of the show sponsors, which did all the greenery for the Legends, with one of the adorable motorcycle topiaries placed all around. Yes, I snagged one.

Trio of hot blondes includes Darcy and two of the Lucky girls, no comment, but Lucky jeans was also a show sponsor.
Final pic is Darcy in front of the Jaguar XK150 which I'm now obligated to purchase, as it matched her lovely Marni outfit. Anything you want, babe. Although she's more likely to get the '53 Triumph Thunderbird which went unsold at the Bonham's auction Saturday, which also matched, in that great blue-grey color, same as Marlon Brando rode in the Wild One (I know, the movie was in black and white).