Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Best from Henry's St. Chopper Show, Part 1 Mike's Bike

First up, Mike D's (Born Loser blog), clean '54 Pre-Unit Triumph. Mike collects and sells only the coolest and rarest period parts on the planet so, his bikes get the Royal Treatment. Looking at this bike, you can't help thinking back to the days of the early 60's custom car/bike show scene.

Old Rules/NewRules: Keep it clean and simple! Webco fork covers, narrow 21, and finned spool hub are helping with the mission.

Engine features: RARE Finned timing cover, nickel plated cylinder, polished '59 Bonnieville head, twin chrome 930Amals, Lucas competition magneto, Wassel pipes, Superior trumpet tips and Chicago MC kicker pedal.

In Trumpet land, the pre-unit rigid is tops.

More Stuff!: Stelling & Helling bars, White tuck and roll Bates style seat, Chrome ribbed fender, Sissybar by Chica, 50's vintage airplane tail light, Superior side stand, and a primary cover w/inspection cover.

Vintage 4.5" KD head light. "We don't need no stinking risers". The stock U-bolt bar clamps do a fine job holding the bars down.

Wassel tank with paint by his bud J.Edwards.

The beauty of balance and symmetry.

I'll post more bikes at the show from time to time. Some of the best will be first and then we'll sort of trickle it down.