Thursday, February 25, 2010


February ain't just about Valentine's.

Looking sharp in the '30's.

Brother Ben. Perhaps one of the most influential builders ever.

Ben on a '65 H-D that is very likely an ex-police bike. There's another inside the shop's left window.

LA Choppers. From the style of their bikes and their location, I'm sure they knew Ben. This club still exists. I love their colors. I've seen a few members at the Long Beach swap.

EBD's. Probably the most famous of all the black clubs.

Gerald “Fat Daddy”, “Bubba”, “Gerry”, “J.R.”, Biddle. Member of the "Crazy Pharaohs" Port Washington, NY on a well dressed '68.

Bessie Stringfield. Google her.

Good looking group. Note the pin stripes on the second bike and the bobbed fender on the fourth.

Can't hide her feelings sitting on that brand new boat tail.

Sugar Bear. Doing them long, long time.

Can she actually get that Fro in the helmet? Brings a whole new meaning to "Helmet Hair".

So how come Black History Month is celebrated in the shortest month of the year?
"The Man" just keeps stick'in it to the Brothers and Sistahs.