Saturday, March 6, 2010


From Mike Jackson, Minister of Information for Brough Superior:

"A gleaming motorcycle (in fact it’s a Brough Superior, dating from 1927) be-graces the window of Mathew Upham’s elegant emporium at 584 King’s Road, Chelsea.  The motorcycle, built new in 2009, was the central display for several dozen kindred spirits from the automotive and antique world, gathered to celebrate the re-creation of this evocative brand.  Mark Upham (left of chandelier), the man behind Brough’s continuation, permits himself an approving gaze at the 1150cc twin-cylinder machine; the very bike which had been so enjoyably galloped by Jay Leno at Pebble Beach in August. [As well at The Vintagent!]

Together with identically dated machines constructed either for highway or touring, the 1927 competition model Pendine will be available to clients’ special order. 

Please refer to website: Brough Superior Motorcycles Ltd "
(Photo courtesy Mick Duckworth)