Monday, September 13, 2010


First, an update from Patrick Hayes:

"We started Sunday morning on the reconstructed Premier. At lunch we abandoned and switched over to the Excelsior. There was another HUUUUEGE crowd at Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Vally.

Pete says the Premier never would have handled those NC mountains, even on its best day. Brutal roads but beautiful country. So we got mileage to lunch, but a dnf for the day.

The Excelsior now won't stay in third gear. Monday morning was another very mountainous ride. We opted to drive to lunch in the truck.

After some tinkering, we discovered the Premier had a flat tire! Very complex to repair, so we drove to th finish in Chattanooga to do more repairs.

We're in for a big dinner treat at the Coker Tire Museum tonight. Hopefully, the Premier will be up for a more sedate ride to Alabama on Tuesday.

And from Matt Walksler:

"Hi Paul,
Matt Walksler from Wheels Through Time here. I've been reading your updates on the Cannonball......great stuff.

Yesterday, we had the whole gang into the museum.....what a day. The mountains really turned out to be the "proving grounds" for those testing the capabilities of their mounts.

(By the way.....wonderful coverage of Pebble Beach! Looks like motorcycles might be a staple for years to come.
Keep up the great work!)"
Matt Walksler
Wheels Through Time Museum

And so it appears we have two correspondents from the Cannonball! Thanks Matt and Patrick!