Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BMW Motorrad C1-E prototype

BMW Motorrad is to show off its one-off C1-E prototype at the Sheffield BikeSafe Show on the 12-13 June.

C1-E has a high-spec electric motor and lithium-ion battery and the roll-over bars and windscreen – which create a ‘safety cell’ around the rider.

The rider is further protected by a seatbelt – as seen on the original C1 – a feature which meant the C1 was the only powered two-wheeler exempt from the mandatory helmet requirement in most European countries. Another new innovation for the motorcycle world is an impact-absorbing zone in the nose of the C1-E. While this version has an electric motor and battery pack, the vehicle could also be equipped with an efficient, low-emissions internal combustion engine.

There are currently no plans to put the BMW C1-E into production.

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