Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honda launch new PCX Scooter

Last week Honda announced the arrival of a new scooter in their range the Honda PCX. This is a 125cc twist and go scooter.

If features a dark, tinted screen, a dual-headlight, high-tech instrument panel with speedometer, fuel gauge and an indicator for the engine’s innovative Idle Stop Switch.

Underneath the rider and pillion seat is a lockable storage space which is large enough for a full-face helmet and more. In addition there is a glove box and an optional 26-litre top box on the rear carrier. It has a responsive chassis, 14-inch wheels and Combined Brake System,

The PCX has a 125cc liquid-cooled four-stroke, single-cylinder engine which has an innovative ‘built-in’ radiator, to keep the engine compact, cool and light.

Honda’s PGM-FI fuel-injection system promises excellent tank range and low emissions, with the PCX delivering up to 130mpg. Helping the frugal fuel-injection return such impressive MPG figures are the Idle Stop Switch and Brushless ACG Starter. The brushless ACG was debuted on the trendy Honda Zoomer and works as both a starter motor at ignition and a generator while on the move, making the engine lighter. Meanwhile, when the Idle Stop Switch is enabled, the engine stops running after three seconds of idling, but it re-starts when the throttle is twisted open again – this helps improve fuel efficiency by up to another 5%.

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